LIVE Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Fight Tv Online Coverage

by LIVE Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Fight Tv Online Coverage
Published: June 2, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

YouTuber Logan Paul has thrown a challenge towards the champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. for an exhibition match on Saturday, 20th February 2021. Mayweather Jr. has not backed off rather accepted the challenge of this “super exhibition” match right away. Moreover, the exciting Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream can be watched worldwide on a pay-per-view on Fanmio.

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Mayweather and Paul were both Amateur Champions who fought four times, for two wins each; and now they settle their score as Professional Boxers. The winner will advance further in the rankings towards a world title shot, whilst the loser will have to rebuild his career. With both Mayweather and Logan in their prime, this battle of epic proportions will be broadcast to the world. Nothing beats being there live. Join us at this historic occasion. How can I watch Mayweather vs Paul fight?

Floyd Mayweather fight Logan Paul on February 20 in California in a battle between American’s two top heavyweights.

Former world champion Floyd and his long-time rival Logan will finally settle a rivalry that saw them fight four times as amateur, winning twice each.

“This is going to be war,” said promoter Eddie Hearn. “We’re looking forward to co-promoting our first event in New Zealand with David Higgins and Duco. There’s plenty of needle with the amateur rivalry and there’s national pride at stake. A win over Paul will catapult Joe back into world title contention.”

“Given the challenges facing major sporting events around the globe right now, getting this fight over the line is absolutely huge, and we are grateful to our partners Matchroom for their backing to make this happen,” said Parker’s manager and Duco’s founder and director David Higgins. Mayweather vs Paul live streaming