Winter Activities

  • Ice Fishing
  • Sledding
  • Lighting of the Christmas Tree and Caroling


Here in the Midwest, the winter time has a reputation for not being the friendliest or offering a lot of entertainment. However, at the lake, there are still activities that can be done to appeal to those that accompany it. Ice-skating is one of the activities that is fun and exciting for those at the lake. It allows for families to get outdoors and have some fun with the snow. It also allows them to experience some fun in the snow especially if they never had the chance traveling from a hometown that doesn’t receive much snow.

Another activity that is fun to change the reputation of wintertime in the Midwest is sledding. At the lake, families are welcome to go sledding when it snows to make it just as fun as it is during the warm seasons. There a plethora of other activities that are offered at the lake to make it a place to enjoy even when it’s cold outside!