Rules and By-Laws

2020 Hickory Grove Lake Company – By-Law Summary

  • MUST display lake stickers on all vehicles. Top Center of windshield.
  • Lake speed limit 20 MPH – no exceptions. We have children, walkers, joggers and golf carts year around. Don’t be responsible for an accident.
  • Your guests, if fishing, swimming or boating – must have a guest card and member on the premises. One guest card per family per day. Extra cards may be purchased by Member at the guardhouse or lake office.
  • Lease Holders should check with Building Inspector to see if permits are required before making any changes to premises.
  • All tree removal must be pre-approved by Conservation Committee.
  • Only yard waste, trimming & limbs from lake property can be taken to the burn area below large dam – State law.
  • Lot numbers MUST be visible on all lots and residences for 911 emergencies. This includes permanent campground.

Lake Conveniences

  • Picnic area, Gazebo, Shelter house & Kitchen. To reserve facilities, check at Guard house or Security 734-2168.
  • 9 Hole Golf Course, Horseshoe Court, and Basketball court, playground w/Pirate Ship.
  • Water Activities – Regulated by Beach & Water Patrol – See By-Laws pages 27 & 28
  • Swimming Swim at beach -daylight hours only, swim at own risk minimum of 2. 15 & under must be with an adult.
  • No swimming permitted off corporate docks or watercraft. NO swimming in middle of the lake.
  • Swimming from private docks must not exceed 50’ from shoreline.
  • Waterskiing & tubing (Water skis only) large area of lake inside buoys…
  • Designated dates & times between official opening and closing of Lake Warren. Holidays & Sundays 1-4 PM & Wednesdays 5-8 PM only.
  • Tubing allowed around lake – except ski area at ski times. Must use official towing tubes No Wake at any time or any area! Copy of tubing rules available at gate.
  • Outboard motors only. Boats of Members of good standing only.
  • Must comply with all state & government regulations for towing. All tow boats must have driver & observer (16+).
  • No more than 4 boats can be allowed skiing at one time.
  • No other boat or water traffic is allowed in skiing area during skiing hours.
  • Personal Vehicles – Lease Holders, & Permanent Campers Only. Must have sticker & proof of insurance.

Boats & Boating

  • Must comply with all Illinois State or government regulations including numbers and stickers.
  • All Watercraft motorized or non-motorized MUST have current Lake Sticker (front right side) next to state.
  • NO WAKE Lake – exception boats towing water-skiers during specified times. (Does not include tubing)


  • Permitted in all areas except swimming area, year around and skiing areas at skiing times.
  • Fishing license in accordance with State of Illinois regulations.
  • Catch & Release on Bass & Walleye – keep only 1 each per day over 14”.
  • Sanitation Facilities
  • All members and owners are responsible for maintaining their sanitary facilities.


  • Dogs must be kept on lease on any place except on dog owner’s premises or inside the dog park.
  • Owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
  • No pets on beach, picnic or playground areas.
  • For clarification of Hickory Grove By-Laws, contact a board member and/or attend a board meeting which are every 2nd Wednesday at 7 of every month.

Below there is an in-depth manual with information about the rules/by-laws in PDF form


Policy for Use of Community Center and Kitchen 2019



HGLC By-Laws Feb 2019 PDF